Enthermics releases new fluid warmers and combination blanket/fluid warme

Enthermics Medical Systems is announcing the release of its Titan Series Fluid Warmers and Combination Warmer.

This newest line of patient warming systems is more affordable and allows medical professionals to purchase high-quality fluid warming cabinets. IV and irrigation fluids are safely warmed to recommended temperatures in these reliable warmers. All warmers are standard with glass doors for inventory management.

The Titan Series fluid warmers are available in 2.5 cubic feet and 3.5 cubic feet. The fluid warmers feature programmable controls with maximum temperature settings for injection fluids at 104°F and 150°F for irrigation fluids.

The EC1850bl is a dual-chambered warming cabinet with independent touch keypad controls. The upper fluid compartment holds up to 36 liters and can be set to safely warm either irrigation or injection fluids. The lower blanket chamber has a capacity of 30-40 blankets. This new warmer has a 20% larger capacity then leading warming cabinets with the same footprint.

Check out the Titan Series Fluid Warmers and Combination Warmer at AORN 2018, Booth #739. For more information on the newest addition to the Titan Series or any other Enthermics blanket or fluid warmers please call 800.862.9276 or visit www.enthermics.com.

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